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We are a group of teaching staff and students at Hong Kong Baptist University (Department of English Language and Literature) interested in topics related to literature, language and translation. We meet four to eight times a semester to listen to papers given by special guests and to discuss the broad issues that their presentations raise. Please write to Winnie Chor ( or Tammy Lai-Ming Ho ( if you would like to learn more about our seminars or just to get in touch.

Our meetings take place (unless noted otherwise) on Mondays between 4:30 and 6:00pm. Venue: OEM1008, 10/F, OEN Hall Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus (Old Campus).

ALL ARE WELCOME (naturally)

Research Seminar Series

Autumn 2021
Mikyung AHN, LAU Chaak Ming, Jason DORWART, Regine LAI, Emily CHOW-QUESADA

Spring 2021
DENG Yi Serena, Kaby Kung, Tiffany Ching, Felix Sze, Foong Ha YAP, Ivan DELAZARI

Autumn 2020
ZHANG Yu Bella, Jeffrey Clapp, Magdalen Ki, Elaine Ng, Cherry Chan, Janice Wong

Spring 2020
Mark Wallbanks, Dean GUI

Autumn 2019
ZHANG Gladys Chenjie, Francois Wolfaardt

Spring 2019
John Lee, Benedict Rowlett, Jiyoon Lee, Tony Hung

Autumn 2018
Mingxing Li, Jason S Polley, Ruth Hung, John Wakefield, Anna Tso

Spring 2017
Lian-Hee Wee, Yang V. Liu, Nie Zhenzhou, Robert Fuchs, Lindsay Miller, Madeleine Thien, Gillian Bickley, Holden Liang, Stuart Christie, Michel Hockx

Autumn 2016
Robert Fuchs, Elaine Yee Lin Ho, James Myers, William Shi-Yuan Wang, David C.S. Li, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Nicolas Morrow Williams

Spring 2016
Ruth Y. Y. Hung, Jayantha Wannisinghe, Robert John Neather, Margaret Lam, Andrew Barker, Screedhevi Iyer, Olivia Chow and Vinton Poon, Michael Igham, Hiroko Itakura and John Wakefield, Jessica Yeung, Magdalen Ki

Autumn 2015
Ivan Delazari, Jeffrey Clapp, Huang Yu (Heidi), Holden Liang Qichao

Spring 2015
Michael O’Sullivan, Myrrh Domingo, James Shea, John Wakefield, Erich Wolfgang Skwara, Vaughan Rapatahana

Autumn 2014
Lian-Hee Wee, Colin Cavendish-Jones, Benjamin Kahan, Harshana Rambukwella, Jacob Mey, Ken Kalfus, Collier Nogues, Jason S Polley

Spring 2014
Peter Gordon, Vinton Poon, Mark Wallbanks, Eddie Tay, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Lucas Klein

Autumn 2013
SRINIVAS Sampath Kumar, Hans J. Ladegaard, Douglas Kerr, Peter Swirski, Agnes Lam, Susan Schick Case, Jade Liu Yuwei

Research Workshop Series

The Department of English Research Workshop Series is a platform for discussing research that is at any stage of planning or implementation. Presenters will describe some research that they have been working on for some time, have just started working on, or are thinking about working on in the future. Attendees will ask questions and try to brainstorm ideas in an attempt to help the presenter fine tune his/her methodology, research questions, or anything else that attendees may think of.

Spring 2018
Lian-Hee Wee, Winnie Chor Oi Wan, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Magdalen Ki Wing Chi, Stuart C. F. Christie, Daniel Kadar

Autumn 2017
John Wakefield, Jason S. Polley, Robert Fuchs, Leonard Neidorf

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